Monday, April 11, 2011

Serenity at Walmart

I made a discovery today.

One that will forever change my life.

I loathe grocery shopping. Everything about it. And of course the most economical place to shop near me is walmart. Of course it is. And since I live my life the way I do, I am there several times a week picking up the2 things I forgot the time before, the cycle never ends. Today was a more significant trip though since my kids are home all week with nothing better to do than snack, snack, and snack. Cord had ten pieces of toast today. You get my point.

As I walked through the parking lot I happened upon my ipod so i popped in my earphones. It was like walking into another world. All of the tension I normally feel when I walk through those doors was gone. I didn't take them out once the entire time I was there and it was the most peaceful hour of my life. I actually mosy'd. I didn't even care that I got into the longest line with what turned out to be the slowest checker, maybe because I wasn't strategically analyzing every line predicting which one would go the fastest. and then getting angry when mine inevitably doesn't. I was simply relaxed, and didn't even notice the loads of inconsiderate people and kids around me screaming and pushing and begging.....

So next time your out, and wish someone else would do your dirty work for you, reach for your listening pleasure and enjoy instead. slow paced albums work best.

I highly recommend Adele's 21.

Not just for medicating through Walmart come to think of it but because it is pure bliss.

It's a spring miracle.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

where would I even start

I had to log into my blog to leave a comment on a friends blog, and to my astonishemt, alarm and i'm not gonna lie amusement, i haven't blogged in well over a year. Anyone who really knows me completely understands why, but it is a rather sad commentary on my life I have decided. So to appear a little more "sane" (I almost put "normal" HA HA HA HA HA) I will ATTEMPT to jot something down a little more often than every 18 months or so....
This should get me buy for at leat 2 months don't ya think???

Monday, April 20, 2009


SOOOO, I have always had this intense love of photography, even though I know NOTHING about it. I have recently had an opportunity to take a photography class and I am LOVING it. The last class was a location shoot... I took Cole as my guinnea pig and considering his attention span is UNDER five minutes, it actually went pretty well. And only 1 trip to find a bathroom. What I have learned the most is that I have ALOT to learn and have a feeling I will spend MANY years continuing this education. Here are a few of my favorites, keep in mind these are "UN" Photoshopped, that class is tomorrow night....

Monday, December 15, 2008

Star Mill

I have a well known love of antiques. Any kind really, i'd kill for the nice stuff, but the old junky stuff usually laying out in the yard or the flea market is the kind that really holds a special place in my heart. What I wouldn't give to spend my days searching for fabulous pieces and carefully placing them in a shop of my own, but that is a whole other epilogue. So my favorite "local" place is Star Mill in American Fork. I love everything about it including the ecclectic owner Daniel that I could spend hours talking to. He has a story for everything. So I get his monthly card and it says there is going to be a Santa Parade, the same day I had decided to take my kids down and take their pictures on his property (he charges a whopping $15 and it is photography paradise). So we get up and go down in the morning to check out this parade, and I stumbled into the most magical morning. It really was a parade. There was a float and 4 fire engine and then Santa and Mrs. Claus were brought in on a sleigh pulled by beautiful horses. They were escorted into the old house on the property which is also filled with antiques and we waited in line to go in and see the "real" Santa. The kids got to sit on his lap and we took our own pictures and they gave out big candy sticks. He had tables EVERYWHERE of used children's books and the kids got to take as many as they wanted home. There was hot Chocolate and a beautiful old Fire Truck that they gave rides around the block on as well. It was the perfect family outing, like something out of a novel. We went Christmas shopping after then home to get dressed for pictures and pick up Capone. Then back for our "unprofessional" shoot, and dinner at Cafe Rio after. Great Memory, thanks Daniel.